Welcome to Free Trials by Fire

Welcome all to the Free Trials by Fire Podcast where we sign up for the free trial of an MMO and play until the trial ends or we reach level 20 (whichever comes first). We then have a discussion and pseudo-review about the game.


Ep. 3 – Lord of the Rings Online

It’s finally time for our third episode. Join us as we venture through middle earth.

As always, you can download or stream it over on our Pod-o-Matic site:

Listen to Ep. 3 – Lord of the Rings Online


Ep. 2 – Champions Online

Here is our second episode where we became a champion to the people. Click the link below to listen:

Listen to Ep. 2 – Champions Online

Ep 2 coming soon

Our second trial is over, way too quickly… the episode is coming soon…

Ep. 1 – Guild Wars

So here it is, our inaugural episode. We try out and review Guild Wars by NCSoft. There is some minor audio problems that happened during encoding, but hopefully you can overlook that :-). Click the link below to listen:

Listen to Ep. 1 – Guild Wars

First episode recording soon.

So we have finished our first trial and what a trial it was. Look forward to our first episode soon!

Coming soon

We are excited to announce that the first episode will be coming soon. Keep an eye on this space for info.